Texas International Fencing Center

Get Started

Call or email to schedule a walk-through with one of our coaches.  Our coaching staff is friendly and professional and will answer any questions about our programs and facility.  Classes are open to everyone 8 years old and older.

Fencing Weapons
Here at the Texas International Fencing Center, we specialize in the sabre weapon.  All new students are introduced to this weapon.  Sabre fencing is very fast and aggressive, with much focus on speed and precision.

We do a one-week no-obligation free trial for beginners to the program.    Our free trial weeks start on the first week of every month.  Trial weeks must be scheduled and confirmed with one of our coaching staff.  Please contact one of our coaches or send an email to sign up or for more information. 

Coach Hector:   (214) 415-5007

Coach Andrew:   (903) 348-2744

Email:   texasintfencingcenter@yahoo.com


The Landing Point

1505 Airport Road
Rockwall, TX   75087

What to wear/bring
New students should wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes (tennis, gym shoes).  It is encouraged to bring your own water bottle and sweat towel (water is provided at the facility).  Please do not wear jeans or sandals/flip flops. 

Beginner Program
Our Beginner program is for new students with no previous competitive fencing experience.  

All necessary equipment is provided, though it is required that each student is able to purchase the basic gear package after the first two months, or for individual competition.

What Gear
For detailed information on what equipment is needed for each program, please visit our Fencing Gear page.  

Where to Get Gear
We will provide you with all the sizes and a list needed for your fencer.  We can also make recommendations for equipment vendors.

USFA Parent’s Guide to Fencing by March & Merritt
The United States Fencing Association (USFA) has developed a wonderful “Parent’s Guide to Fencing” by March and Merritt, both USFA Parent’s Committee members. The guide covers the basics of fencing and what to expect if a fencer starts fencing in tournaments. It is currently available on the USFA website, we encourage you to read it by clicking here.

Basics of Competition
You can download the Basics of Competition from The United States Fencing Association (USFA)’s website to understand the rules of Sabre fencing.

Glossary of Fencing Terms:
Click Here for a Fencing glossary
to learn what all those terms mean!

We emphasize safety in everything we do. Here are a few basic rules:

1. Safety first! Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY with weapons!
2. Weapons should be carried with point toward the floor or ceiling unless actively fencing.
3. Masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES when fencing or practicing with weapons.
4. Fence in control! Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Rough bodily contact (corps-a-corps) is not permitted.
5. If you think a weapon is broken, stop fencing immediately, retreat and wave your unarmed hand. Stop fencing immediately if your opponent gives this sign or gives any sign of wanting to stop.
6. Pay attention to your surroundings! When people are fencing, walk next to walls to move around the room. Do not walk between fencers.
7. Be respectful! Answer adults with “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am”. Maintain eye contact when an instructor is speaking to you.
8. If you feel that someone is behaving in a dangerous fashion, report it privately to an instructor. Your identity will not be disclosed.

Texas International Fencing Center in Rockwall, Texas